You may want to click here to check out the process for now since I still haven’t got time to finish editing the video…😅


When facing difficulties, we often defer decisions to ritualistic and superstitious methods. This project works as experimentation to investigate this through the use of designed processes and computational systems.

Participants were asked to think about a situation they have influences on before starting the VR journey. They will need to make choices during the VR experience which decide the next scenes they are going to. In the end, they will receive a suggestion given by the system and have the option to provide anonymous self-reflective feedback.


Outcome (more images yet to come)

I had my degree show on 19 – 22 June 2019 with my VR project and a survey wall to allow participants to give feedback. Participants were given one dot for each of the questions, and they can stick the dots wherever they feel appropriate.


The wall works as data visualisation and it is showing some interesting results which are not part of my plan.



(See how logical people and intuitive people place their dots?)


I will update this post with more images and hopefully a video demo.