Rules are everywhere in our daily life. Superstitions and games created rules that people voluntarily follow. What happens if the two sets of rules contradict?

This project is a mini 3D game created based on and challenged the ‘no waking under ladders’ superstition.

Why ladders?

(open in new window, close the window to quit.)

Software used: Unity, Garage Band, Photoshop, Illustrator


Prototyping & Character Ideas on paper

Inspirational prototyping methods from Videogames exhibition at V&A

3D Prototype

Characters created in Unity

Original BGM created in Garage Band

(Youtube does not allow me to upload music only so I just put some working process there.)

Special Thanks

Zhan Gurskis who helped me a lot when I struggled with the programming.


It is the first time I use Unity and make something 3D, as well as making a piece of music all by myself. I feel there is still lots to be done but I am quite satisfied for now and glad that I finished the challenges I set for myself.