I got emails from UAL giving information about the idea of showing and promoting the specific course of LSE using graphics, made me consider it as a data visualisation project. I tried to prepare for the briefing by looking at the LSE website and downloaded the LSE brand guideline.

Briefing day

Despite the fact that we did not have any data, we spent the morning generating ideas. We were asked to draw a few data visualisation ideas and then present the ideas to each other.


We then put the ideas on the wall and waited for LSE staffs, who came later and provided further information about their MPA course.
I then realised that they were not sure whether to have static graphics or animation. As all the other students started to propose animation ideas, I decided to suggest interactive graphics to give them more options.


The clients could not make a decision at the end of the day. I consider it being a bit difficult for them as they were unsure about what they want and what to expect. It may be better for both sides to share all data and spit the meeting into two half-day sessions instead of a whole day, with the first one for pitching ideas and the second one for showing storyboard and a fully styled keyframe if the animation was proposed. In this way, the clients would have a clearer expectation and students also benefit from it by trying things out and knowing if they are capable to deliver.