It was a very small team with two developers and only one of them worked full-time when I worked there. Therefore, from the second month, after the UI design is done, we had more discussions focus on the business side.

I started to work on:

  • Creating PPT files to show the investors for fundraising
  • Researching on competitors for their app functions, user interfaces and social media behaviours
  • Choosing app analytics tools and defining the most important factors to be analysed
  • Digital marketing strategies



In the PPT files, I tried to use more graphs and diagrams rather than texts. We also worked on the wording to make it easier to understand.

By researching similar mobile app companies, I saw the strengths and weaknesses of them and realised how much can be done. However, it is not possible to include all useful features, Btrfly needs to decide which functions they would focus on.

In terms of marketing, one of the strategies is to become an opinion leader in the industry. It is a long-term goal and I started to gather airport related data such as the average time and money spent in airports and the age ranges of the frequent business travellers. I learned that there is no obvious truth and realised the importance of market research.



From December, I found a few more bugs on the existing app and continued to work on the UI for new functions and uploaded further changes to the Zeplin platform.


I found that information can be lost in communication between developers and designers even with high fidelity screen mockups, from which I realised the importance of knowing how things work from the beginning to the end. For example, the Android developer asked me for SVG format files but later on having issues and asked me again for PNG format ones.  I asked what size he needs and he told me the size and asked for a ‘high-resolution’ version (but there is no such thing as a high-resolution PNG file since they are not made for prints). I wish I understood exactly what developers need so I can send everything out straight away.

We also had discussions about the company website. However, I was not able to update it as they did not have access to the server and the original files.

From this work experience, I have not only learned the technical skills but also understood the necessity of keeping track of every step and having all the information on hand. For a small project, missing important information may just cause some delays but this could be vital in the business world.

The internship ended right before Christmas, so I organised and clean up all the files and prepared for my trip to China.