Final Outcome

The page may have been changed, the original design is in the slide show below:

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Context & Process

The SHARP Gallery is a project funded by NHS Foundation Trust, SHARP stands for Social inclusion, Hope and Recovery Project, which is a service working with people with psychosis.  As it is a non-commercial organisation, they had a very limited budget for building a website and had been looking for design students who can work voluntarily.

I collaborated with Michelle Chong (who knows better about available website building and hosting platforms) for this project. Since there was no deadline, we decided to do a 3-5 days’ design and coding Hackathon during the summer holiday, to avoid things become indefinite.

We asked for more information about the website content and sent out a questionnaire for the gallery to pass it to its visitors. The questionnaire covers devices people used the most, whether they have a sight problem, and so on, to ensure the viewers with different health conditions could view the website properly.

Once this has been done, we started to draft page layouts and discussed the design with the gallery’s staffs. Originally they asked for a big logo with hyperlinks in different parts of it.

Michelle and I explained the pros and cons of this kind of design and why we think it is not user-friendly. In the end, they took the option of having a more informative front page.

Screen Shot 2017-07-16 at 23.35.19

We also made it responsive for smartphone users:


The platform we have chosen is, which allows us to turn almost every page into a CMS so that the editors do not need to know any coding or design knowledge to update or modify the website.

I created a ready-to-print instruction document for the staffs to look at.

Evaluation & Thoughts

I practised my sketching and CSS skills in this project and learned to use to build a website + CMS. I realised how fast it could be to build a website using online platform rather than from scratch.

We did come across problems such as not being able to log in the admin account at the same time but managed to solve it by working in turns.

The staffs are very happy with their new website and I found it quite rewarding. 🙂