The brief was given by Beyond Words Studio together with a set of performance data of London Underground from TFL. I was required to choose a selection of data to visualise.

I consider most of the data, such as the total number of entry and exit people of a station or schedule operated percentage, has already received enough concern. I tried to find some data that the general public not aware of.

There is a data set called ‘lost customer hours‘ which estimate the total amount of time loss of all passengers caused by delays. I found it very interesting and did some calculation.

Data Screen Shot

It turns out although the performance of London underground is improving, in the financial year 2015/16, the total lost customer time is still over 3000 years.


Concept & Purpose

Raise people’s awareness and make people think about questions such as

  • Is it worth to work/study far away from home?
  • How this time can be used?
  • What to do with it?

by visualising the raw data of the total amount of time that has been wasted on delayed tubes.


I originally had 2 ideas: one is to make a short animation, the other one is to create an infographic poster. I have chosen the animation one at the end of the first session with Beyond Words.

1stDraft copy

Data Used

  • Total customer lost hours in financial year 2015/16 (TFL DATA)
  • Average lifespan in the UK (World Bank)

I tried to compare the lost time with the time needed to complete a specific project, but it is difficult to calculate the total amount of time required, as most of the big projects are collaborative. So I used the average lifespan as it is a for individuals and relevant to all.



Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.50.01Screen Shot 2017-04-07 at 15.50.26

Style Frames

I personally prefer the second style but was told the first version is more professional. Also, it would be more difficult to complete the animation in time applying the second style.


Final Outcome

Challenges & Self-reflection

The biggest challenge of this project is to find out a way to clearly deliver the message. Other challenges included lack of data, time limitation, unfamiliar with software and so on.

From this project, I learn the procedure of making an animation from scratch. I have never used mood board before and did not consider the font until the final stage. I understand more about the importance of planning and time managing. I find myself enjoy working with people within the industry a lot, as the processes of learning practical knowledge and making things happen are very rewarding.