img_9223Today we are implementing our ideas and plans in the Upper Gallery at LCC. I made a short video to be projected on this wall.

Ideally, it will cover the whole wall, so I made it in the square shape with a white background and strong contrast. In this one-minute animation, the QR code lasts for about 20 seconds, as the main purpose is to get students to scan it and link to the official website.

Video on screen

However, things do not go as expected when executing. When I project it over the whole wall, the video is dimmed and text in it is unreadable. The first possible solution is to turn off the lights nearby, but that did not help a lot.



Then the technical staff tried to change the projector setting. At the end, we realise we can only have a clear enough graphic when the projector is near the wall. The technical staff told me that I should have asked my tutor to book a daylight projector instead of the normal one, which usually is used in a dark environment. Since the video needs to be projected soon, I had to compromise on the size.



My friend took the photo above for me and it was commented: “turn ideas into smaller reality”. 🙃


Other groups put posters on walls to allow students write down problems they are facing and come up with possible solutions, and made a stand to encourage students to leave comments on what and how the college can be improved.



By doing this exercise, I again learnt the importance of testing and the needs of asking for advice from professionals. I also realised it will be much better if there were communications between groups so that we can unify our styles and make the events look like a whole.