Today, we have much fewer people attending the class and none of my team members showed up. We started with a discussion about the definition of a group and a team, and individual behaviours in a group situation.

Bruce Tuckman developed a team development model that includes five stages: Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing, and Adjourning.


Nowadays with the help of technology, more and more virtual teams are formed. People in different parts of the world can be within one team. The reason behind forming a team with people from other parts of the world instead of people nearby is the shared values or goals of all team members.

To think of the situation I am facing with my team, I realised there are problems in every stage of the team development process we have been to so far.

Firstly, in the real world people will select their group/project by considering their interests or whether there is a common goal. We were grouped up randomly and did not have same interest level towards creative enterprise week. Secondly, the storming stage is very rush. We merely exchanged names and courses we studied. We also didn’t have a proper norming stage to set roles and a common guideline.

Despite the disruptions and changes, I still like to implement the idea of promoting creative enterprise week events to students at LCC, as my tutor said, many people have ideas but only a few implement. I decided to discard the idea about stickers as it required extra labour and time to process. Instead, I will focus on projecting the QR code to attract attentions. Since I have only one idea to work on, I will make a short animation to be projected. I am about to find out more about limitations and possibilities.