A place where I store notes, ideas, drawings, graphics,…etc


My name is Lange Ye. I grew up in China, am currently doing Information & Interface Design degree at the University of the Arts London.

What am I doing?

I recently completed a collaborative project with Royal Academy of Music for their Summer Piano Festival 2017. Our multimedia performance won recognition of Joanna MacGregor, the Head of Piano in RAM, who then recommended me to do a commissioned work for Dartington International Summer School & Festival, performing at the end of August.

I am taking a year out (2017/18) to do internships in the design industry.

Why information & interface design?

I saw the gap between technology and design when studying computing science and my mother keeps complaining about how difficult it is to use a new device, so in 2015 summer I joined this course. My ultimate goal is to create designs that can work across language barriers.

This blog is used for notes and thoughts as required by the course.

I am also adding projects done at LCC so far slowly…

You can find larger photos of my work here 👇

And my CV here 👇

More about me…

I like drawing, cooking, solving problems, interested in psychology and Chinese metaphysics. I believe in karma.

If you understand Chinese, you can check out my Weibo which I update most frequent. I also write Chinese blogs on my Qzone about my life and thoughts since 2005.

There is a Flash online portfolio I made in 2009. In just a few years time, it already shows the difference between screen resolutions.  It used to fill a Mac screen but now became a square in the middle. In 10 or 20 years time, it may look ridiculous. I think it would be better to leave it as it is and never update it again.

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